Sunday, August 5, 2012

Violet, you're turning violet!

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Blueberry Crumb Pie

Yes another blueberry recipe. I told ya I had more :)
Well this one is another delicious way to use up these summer berries. This recipe is a Food Network Magazine find. My roommate and I actually both bought the magazine and both saved this recipe so we knew we had to make it.
This is the perfect summer pie and will be great at any bbq or gathering. Not only is this a impressive  pie to look at but it is made from scratch (even the crust!), which makes it all the more impressive. Being that it is made from scratch, it is a little bit time consuming but well worth it!
It is a whole wheat crust which is dense and buttery, much better than a store bought pastry or pie crust. It also has an amazing brown sugar and walnut crumble topping, mmm mmm mmm!

Well it's a beautiful beach day and that ocean is calling my name so I will just leave you with the recipe and hope you try this :).

Oh btw, this pie is best eaten with in a few days (like 2) or freeze it to keep it from becoming runny and soggy.

You can find the recipe over at Food Network, which has detailed directions.

I recommend adding some cinnamon to the crust and crumble, and maybe trying honey instead of sugar in the blueberry filling. Just think it will spice things up a little :)

 Enjoy <3

In case you didn't see the link above, here is the link; Blueberry Crumb Pie