Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies
Hello:)! So this is just a quick post today but wanted to share this classic, go to recipe with you. I had some extra time this morning, mainly because I showed up to work WAY to early.
Yup nothing like showing up at 7:30 and you aren't supposed to be in until 12. Oh well it gave me time to take the pup for a super long walk AND make some cookies.
This recipe is actually off the back of a chocolate chip bag. No special tricks or secrets here. Just good ol' classic goodness.
I have made some many chocolate chip cookies using numerous recipe each slightly different. I was a huge fan of Alton Browns recipe from his Good Eats book. But all in all when you just want an easy go to recipe I still go to the chocolate chip bag, and I'm never let down.
So Thanks Nestle Toll House, for having such a great recipe. And thank you Pheobe Buffet for giving us a good chuckle :) Love this episode.
You can find the lovely recipe here.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to smell the roses, and eat the cookies :)

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