Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Elephant Never Forgets....

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An amazing act of kindness and passion from an amazing and passionate person.

So, I have this pretty awesome friend. Her name is Halley Martinez and her and I both have a huge passion for making a positive impact and doing our part in making a difference in this world. She naturally has a giving and kind heart with a taste for experiencing the world all the while doing what she can to make change possible.

releasing a rescued seal!
She has quite the list of accomplishments, such as moving to the Dominican Republic to teach English, help build homes, donate clothes and food, and she even raised money to purchase a cow (which she got to pick up and deliver herself!) for a family who really needed support in building a stable income and being able to supply food to themselves and their community. She also works hard on doing the little things that count too. She will only eat sustainable fish and chooses not to eat out at restaurants which do not support this. She has also given up red meat due to the harmful effects on the animals and humans alike from mass production. She even works for The Marine Mammal Stranding Center, a non-profit organization focused on rescuing and rehabilitating marine mammals for the entire state of New Jersey. I could keep going on about the amazing things she does but the reason I am writing this post is to share the project she is working on right now.

She has just arrived in beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand to work at The Elephant Nature Park with The Elephant Nature Foundation.. This park is focused on rescuing Elephants from their commercial and tourism use through out the country, as well orphaned and injured elephants. Anyone who knows me knows my passion for elephants so I am SUPER excited for Halley and what she gets to take part in at the park. You can visit their website (both linked above) to get more information on the work the park does as well as information for visiting and volunteering at the park.

Due to the massive flooding through out Thailand right now Halley will also be traveling out of the park to help rescue other animals stranded and in need of help. How awesome is that?!  I cannot wait to hear from her and have an update on the progress of how it is going. For now I will continue to keep my fingers crossed for her safe travels!
I am sharing this with you because I hope to insipre you to find what you are passionate about and to go and do it! I  also help this causes you to pay ir forward as they say and do something positive! Get out there and change the world! <3

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