Monday, September 19, 2011

Motivational Monday!

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PRECAUTION: Today's post may be better enjoyed with a little background music by Smashin  Pumpkings. Click HERE to ensure this is achieved.

Well hello! You picked a great day to read this lil blog here!
Now, I know it's Monday. I know it's just the beginning of a long week, after quite a long weekend of getting a bit crazy right? Well maybe I am the only one, but I have to say I enjoy Monday's quite a bit.
 I wake up feeling super positive and try to motivate myself to keep that positive attitude for myself by sharing my thoughts with my best buddy Morgo .
She usually endures my SUPER early morning and way too chipper texts where I share my happy thoughts along with my pledge to eat healthy this week, get to the gym everyday, and swear I won't stress if things seem to never go easy.
Seriously, this happens almost every Monday, so be glad you are not Morgo and you did not receive a text this morning, but that you are graced with this lovely little tid bit which I hope lifts that droopy chin and brightens those tired eyes of yours and inspires you to go out and CHANGE THE WORLD!
Haha, if only I had that power!!!!
 But I do hope that you just take on the week a little happier, and stress a little less. Just go on thinking positive with whatever comes your way.
Pour yourself a cup of joe (where did that come from anyways, coffee=joe..?) and just take a few minutes before your crazy day to just sit back, relax, and smile knowing that you have a whole week to take in all the little things in life that we sometimes seem to over look or forget to appreciate.
 I know we all have our struggles, our ups and downs, but this week try and embrace everything you have going on in your life, good and bad, because you are luckier than you know, and more amazing than you think.
Remember what it is that make you happy and go out and do it!
Take a few minutes each day to really notice the little things that make you smile.
 Cheesey I know but what is so wrong with some positivity?!
I could go on and on and keep spitting out motivation quotes but I won't do that to you. So to whoever is still reading, SMILE! It's Monday!
If your positivity is beginning to diminish through out the week, here's a tip:
Try one of my yummy recipes, lol :)
Love you all<3
ohhh how I love new crayons

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