Monday, October 10, 2011

Sugar*Punch took a swing at selling cupcakes

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Hello, hello! First off, holy cupcake I'm pooped! Second, who cares it was a blast! This past weekend was a great step forward in hoping to get this cupcake craze of mine up and running! The Pumpkin Show was a pretty good success.
It was a little different than I thought it might be. I was in the crafters section rather than the food section, so a lot of people kept asking if my cupcakes were real. Whoever would make fake cupcakes is just a tease! But maybe mine just looked so good they thought they were fake, haha :). A LOT  of friends were nice enough to come support me, some even buying LARGE orders so that was a surprise, a wonderful surprise I am so thankful for!
The hardest part of the whole thing was making just under 300 cupcakes. Had I planned better and had an extra hand to help me decorate or pipe out the icing I don't think I would have been up to 4am. But hey this is a learning process and I'm still figuring things out.
I ended up making:
  • Pumpkin with maple cinnamon buttercream
  • Banana Fosters with maple cinnamon buttercream
  • Red Velvet with white chocolate cream cheese frosting
  • Vanilla & Chocolate with vanilla & chocolate buttercream
  • The Owl cupcakes I made for neices birthday
It was easy baking the cupcakes themselves. I was at my parents house where my Grandma has a little apartment attached in the back of the house, which meant 2 ovens! So I basically just did batch after batch running back and fourth from oven to oven. Later on I moved on to making the icing. This is where things slowed down!
Making the icing was fine it was decorating and deciding how to put the icing on, swirl it on, smooth it out, sprinkles, no sprinkles, ahhh I was way in over my head and it was already 11:30 at night. That's when I called in the big guns!
My boyfriend who came over assuming he'd be observing and maybe helping me pack up got calling to assist. I was shooting out directions while I was  going from cupcake to cupcake making it look pretty! He was a great sport and he was so proud of the icing he made that he renamed himself Bruce Crocker, so I guess I better watch out if Miss Betty comes around.

Just some of the cupcakes
Anyways. Now how was I going to get all these to the show? I did have an advantage by being about 2 miles away but I was still nervous about getting them all there. I had bought a few foil trays that are usually used to serve hot food in. I also had two long flat plastic containers that i used for files and stuff stored under my bed. Oh anddddddd I was lucky and went to a bakery to buy some sheet cake boxes and he only had two half sheet boxes and gave them to me for free! So between all these I had plenty of transporting devices to get the goods there safely.
I defiantly think the plastic storage boxes were the best. I though the cake boxes would be but I kept ruining the cupcakes that were on the edges whenever I open and closed it. I had also planned on having something to keep the cupcakes from touching each other or sliding into each other but they were stuffed in pretty good and i used tongs to get them out so I didn't smudge any.
Well I'm not sure on why I'm blabbing away about the details of how I got the cupcakes there, but if you are still awake go over to my Too Cute for Cake page to get the recipes for the flavors I made. I will also be adding them here through out the week.
Here are some pictures from the show, I really wanted to take more, but I was much more busy selling cupcakes than I had thought.

my fall decorations & price list

mmmm banana foster cupcake with maple cinnamon buttercream
sold out of these bad boys


ahhhh needed this, plus a  ton of pumpkin spiced iced coffee
it was hard running on no sleep, but worth it

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