Thursday, October 20, 2011

A wonderful weekend in Baaastin-its a long post get your reading glasses on!

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First things first, Happy Birthday to my long time BFF(lol) Sarah!

Katie, Natalie, Birthday Girl Morgan, and me @a beautiful park in the city
Hey hey! I was super swamped with work when I got home from my little trip this weekend, so I'm finally getting around to this post. I was anxious to get on here and tell you guys about my fun mini vacation in Boston.

The reason I was in the beautiful city was for my partner in crime's, Morgan's birthday. Our other long lost partner in crime, Natalie, came as well. It was great to see her because she moved up north (i forgive you for that Natalie and I will restrain from bashing North Jersey when you are around). As I mentioned in my last post, we stayed with Katie, who is just fantastic! Not only does she have the worlds largest couch in her apartment, but she was so much fun and a great tour guide.

Boston sure knows how to leave a good impression on visitors. We had a blast celebrating Morgan's birthday and exploring the city. It was clean and the buildings are beautiful, but now onto what I REALLLLYYY loved about the city.


You all know I'm crazy about food and I pretty much only watch the Food Network on TV. Well, I had a semi, almost celebrity run in while strolling the streets. We were just wondering around the streets when I saw a food truck in the distance. I was already excited here but as we got closer I noticed it was Roxy's grilled cheese!!!!

AHHHHHH! They were runners up on the Food Networks Great Food Truck Race! I literally began jumping up and down and talking so fast that my friends were a bit confused on what was going on. It was just really exciting to me see the truck because I watched it on TV and had to see the food they made, assuming I'd never get to try it. But I assumed wrong because here they were sitting on a corner waiting for me to chow down on some grilled cheese!

If this isn't enough excitement, a few feet down there was a cupcake truck, The Cupcakory! If Giada was there I would have died and gone to food heaven!

So after I calmed down a bit and got my composure back we got in  line at the Cupcakory and ordered. cupcakes. I chose the salted caramel cupcake, a dark chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting, Morgan got the cupcake with nutella icing, and Natalie got the pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing. They actually had a great idea which I've thought about doing for certain occasions. They wait until you order to frost the cake which makes sure the icing stays nice and fresh and not dried out since it is sealed in the pipping bag, great idea.

We then strolled over, I would have ran but didn't want to over do it, to Roxy's
where we ordered a grilled cheese with Munster cheese, guacamole, and bacon! I was so anxious to see who was inside the truck but sad to say it was no one from the show, bummer but oh well. 

 While we waited we devoured out cupcakes, trying a little of all of them. It was actually quite funny because everyone walking by was like oh cupcakes, mmm cupcakes, look at those cupcakes! Then we dug right in to the sandwich. MMMMMMMMMM! all i need to say about that! The bacon and quac go so well together and It's not often you get to have a grilled cheese with Munster cheese.

I could keep blabbing on about Boston but i will leave you on this note of cupcakes and grilled cheese. Check back soon for my salted caramel cupcakes!

our cupcakes

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  1. I wasn't sad about who was in Roxy's at all. At all. And my mouth is watering for that grilled cheese!!!